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Support our Police

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It’s been a terrible couple of weeks for violent crime in Pa.’s 7th District.

On December 29, three more shootings in Allentown killed two more people, including a 1-year-old baby. Those victims brought Allentown’s homicide total to 18 murders in 2023, double the number in 2022.

In response, a group of local activists and politicians, including Susan Wild, gathered in Allentown to decry the violence and offer their solutions. You can read about the rally here. One speaker said the city needs more youth programming and recreation centers. Another bemoaned the lack of parks. A third said we need more jobs and less homelessness. “When people are wrestling with poverty, they do what they need to survive,” he said.

Do you know what nobody reportedly said? “Support the police.”

In fact, some of those same activists and politicians who rallied in Allentown last week were marching in the streets to demonize local police a few years ago.

I am pleased to announce the backing of my candidacy by three local police organizations representing hundreds of law enforcement officers in the greater Lehigh Valley:

  • Fraternal Order of Police Queen City Lodge #10, which represents City of Allentown Police Officers (here)
  • Fraternal Order of Police Bethlehem Star Lodge #20, which represents City of Bethlehem Police Officers (here)
  • Fraternal Order of Police Joseph J. Haggerty Memorial Lodge #40, which represents local Pennsylvania State Troopers (here)

These officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and to serve. They’ve been warning for years that “defund the police” would result in dangerous conditions throughout our communities. They simply don’t have enough officers, training, equipment, or infrastructure to counter the threat.

In Congress, I’ll work to help local first responders get the resources they need to do their jobs. I’ll advocate for improvements in their family support infrastructure. And as someone who has worn a uniform in difficult circumstances, I’ll defend the profession from unwarranted criticism.

Our local police deserve our support. They have it from me.

Keep America Free.

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Kevin Dellicker, from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, is a Republican running for United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 7th District. He owns a technology company and is a 28-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. To learn more about his campaign visit www.dellickerforcongress.com.  

Neither military information nor photos of Kevin in uniform imply endorsement of Kevin Dellicker for Congress by the Dept. of Defense or its particular military departments.

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