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Kevin Dellicker

Send a Veteran to Congress

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The big news today is Senate passage of a $95 billion foreign aid package. I read all 82 pages of the bill last evening. As written, I would oppose this legislation in the House.

The bill has some positive provisions. It replenishes stocks of American weapons that have been sent to Ukraine and Israel. It provides advanced air defenses to protect critical infrastructure and civilians. And it would help Taiwan defend itself against Chinese aggression. Taiwan is important to the U.S. because it produces the world’s most advanced semiconductor chips used in weapons, consumer electronics and computing devices. We can’t let that capability fall under Chinese control.

But the bill also provides billions of dollars in cash to the Ukrainian government without adequate oversight. It fails to establish clear objectives or an endgame for Ukrainian aid. And it includes hundreds of millions of dollars for “refugee and entrant assistance” to help immigrants come to the United States. Yes, that’s actually in the bill.

When I speak with people across Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, the number one national security issue they ask me about is our porous border. House Republicans have demanded that any supplemental national security bill must include strong provisions to secure the border. I agree, and so do most Americans. We still have time to get this right.

Susan Wild and President Biden have opened our borders, weakened our military, and emboldened our enemies around the world. The only way to keep us safe at home and out of wars abroad is to secure our borders and deter our adversaries with a fearsome military. That’s what “peace through strength” is all about.

In Congress, I’ll apply my 28 years of experience in the Army and the Air Force to rebuild our military and reestablish our national deterrence. I’ll also use my decades of knowledge in homeland defense to secure our porous border. And I’ll apply a simple test to determine whether I would support American military intervention overseas. If it’s worth sending my own son, a soldier, into harm’s way, I will vote yes. Otherwise, I won’t send your son or daughter either.

We are in dangerous times. Send a veteran to Congress.

Keep America Free.

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Kevin Dellicker is a Republican from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, running for U.S. House of Representatives in Pa.’s 7th District. He is a 28-year military veteran, technology company owner, husband and father. He’s not a career politician. He’s a proven leader with the experience and courage to Keep America Free.

Neither military information nor photographs of Kevin in uniform imply endorsement of Kevin Dellicker for Congress by the Department of Defense or its particular military departments.

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