Kevin Dellicker for U.S. Congress

New York City, Military Service, and Career Politicians

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I got invited to the PA Society festivities in New York City this weekend. That’s the annual holiday get-together when Pennsylvania’s political elites meet up in fancy Manhattan ballrooms for three days of networking, politicking, and partying. You probably never heard of it, but you can read all about it here.

Some of the meetings are useful. Two years ago, I attended a PA Society luncheon about healthcare policy changes and digital currency regulations from subject matter experts. I learned a lot and was grateful for the invitation.

Some of the meetings are not. When I was in my twenties working in Harrisburg, I attended several PA Society receptions that were more parties than policy. They were fun, but I’m glad I grew up and moved on.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the lifestyle of a career politician. Talented people enter the profession but never leave. Some are seeking fame- they want to have their own entourage. Some are seeking power- they want to control other people’s lives. Some just want to make money- politics can be a lucrative business for those who make it their livelihood.

And that’s the problem. When politicians put their careers ahead of their constituents, it warps the way they think and changes the way they behave. Eventually, they start voting for themselves and not for us. That’s how we get multi-trillion-dollar deficits and terrible laws like no-excuse mail-in balloting.

It’s no wonder people are tired of career politicians. I sure am. In fact, my disdain for the self-serving political class almost caused me to quit this race before I even began.

Earlier this year, I went to Washington for some meetings about my candidacy. In one day, it seemed like I met every disgusting political caricature you could imagine- the slimy lobbyist, the drunk staffer, the spin doctor, the elitist snob. When I saw some natty young men getting their shoes shined at the Capitol Hill Club, I had enough. They were acting like characters in a bad episode of the West Wing.

I called my wife Susan and told her I would never fit in here, that I didn’t trust these people, and that I wasn’t cut out for this. I told her I just wanted to come home.

“Don’t you see Kevin,” said Susan. “That’s why you need to do this. Because you’re not one of them.”

She’s right. I’m not one of them. I shine my own shoes.

I hope my colleagues have a productive and enjoyable time in New York City at PA Society. I won’t be going. I have military obligations and will be serving with my brothers and sisters in uniform most of the weekend. And that suits me just fine.

Keep America Free.

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Kevin Dellicker, from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, is a Republican running for United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 7th District. He owns a technology company and is a 28-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. To learn more about his campaign visit www.dellickerforcongress.com.  

Neither military information nor photos of Kevin or Will in uniform imply endorsement of Kevin Dellicker for Congress by the Dept. of Defense or its particular military departments.

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