Conservative Congressional Candidate Kevin Dellicker


“As your Congressman, I will work to promote freedom, support working men and women, and protect the weak and vulnerable, within the framework of the United States Constitution.”

-Kevin Dellicker

Kevin Dellicker Family

Strong Families

American families are the building blocks of our great nation. But today, they are under attack. Longstanding societal norms are overturned in the blink of an eye. Technology companies tell kids what is right and wrong instead of their parents. God is all but banished from public life. 

We need leaders who are willing to take a stand for the American family. Kevin will bring his hometown values to Washington to preserve the freedoms of ordinary Americans. And in Congress, he will work to help those who cannot care for themselves: the elderly, the poor, and the unborn. It’s time to send a conservative congressional candidate to Washington.

Here are just some of the pro-family policies that Kevin will tackle when he gets to Congress: 


Kevin has worked with schools for the past twenty years, helping hundreds of districts improve their tools for teaching and learning. He knows the Lehigh Valley has plenty of good schools and great teachers who do amazing work every day. But some schools are failing, many students are being indoctrinated with deceptive social theories, and school boards and parents across the Lehigh Valley are being coerced by state and federal authorities. In Congress, Kevin will work to restore local control to Lehigh Valley school districts and put parents back in charge of their children’s education. He will support policies that improve traditional schools and expand alternative options, such as charter schools, homeschooling, vocational training, and school choice. And he will advocate for an educational system that focuses on the challenges of a global economy without progressive propaganda.



Every American deserves to have access to quality and affordable healthcare. In Congress, Kevin will work to ensure coverage of pre-existing conditions, expand access to mental health and addiction services, and seek market-based reforms to control healthcare costs. He opposes Medicare for All and similar proposals that restrict individuals from choosing their own doctors and healthcare plans. He will protect the benefits earned by our senior citizens and support reforms in Medicaid and Medicare to keep those programs effective in helping the poor and the elderly.


Protect Life

Kevin is genuinely pro-life. He understands that our government exists to protect Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. He recognizes that unborn children are the weakest and most vulnerable among us. And he acknowledges that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. In Congress, Kevin will work to protect and defend all unborn children. He also will promote policies that help expectant mothers, support fatherhood, and encourage young parents.


2nd Amendment

Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. An expert marksman and avid sportsman, Kevin understands that the 2nd Amendment is not just about shooting and hunting. It exists so Americans can protect themselves and defend their families. In Congress, Kevin will work to defend the 2nd Amendment and preserve this fundamental right for all Americans.  


Veterans and Military Families

Kevin comes from a long line of American military veterans. His great-grandfather was a machine-gunner in World War I. His grandfather was a fighter pilot in World War II. His father flew from aircraft carriers in Vietnam. And Kevin served as an intelligence officer in the Global War on Terrorism. Kevin knows what it means to serve his country, and he will always honor those who served before him. Kevin also understands that families serve too, and our troops cannot do their jobs without supportive families. This is especially true in the National Guard and Reserves, where the family support system is lacking compared to the active duty. In Congress, Kevin will work for better veterans’ healthcare, including mental health services, suicide prevention, substance abuse counseling, and post-traumatic stress disorder treatments. He will hold the Veterans Administration accountable for providing outstanding service for all the benefits they offer. And he will be an outspoken champion of National Guard families, who deserve a better support infrastructure.


Social Security

Kevin acknowledges the sacred pact between our government and its senior citizens regarding social security. In Congress, Kevin will work to ensure the solvency of social security for current and near-retirees and will strive to improve the program for future generations.

Kevin Dellicker Good Jobs

Good Jobs

If people work hard, save money, and invest wisely, they can build good lives for themselves and their families in the Lehigh Valley. That’s the American Dream. 

But when the government discourages people from working, lets inflation steal their savings, and erodes their investments, working men and women can’t get ahead. That’s a prescription for economic disaster.

Kevin understands that free enterprise is the foundation of America’s economy and must be defended. But he also knows that elitists in power can take advantage of their status to serve their own interests. The weak and the vulnerable must be defended too.  

That’s why Kevin’s plan to create good jobs will protect our freedoms while putting the needs of working families first. Here’s what Kevin will do about some of the Lehigh Valley’s most important economic issues when he gets to Congress:


National Debt

For the first time since World War II, the national debt exceeds the size of the American economy. No country can sustain that kind of burden, but Congress just keeps adding to the deficit anyway. Our debt is the number one economic problem facing our nation because it crowds out every other priority. In Congress, Kevin will work to shrink the federal budget deficit by eliminating unnecessary programs, reducing excessive spending, and promoting economic growth. He supports mandatory spending caps if benchmarks are not achieved and a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 



Democrats are printing trillions of dollars, issuing new mandates, raising taxes, and micromanaging the way America conducts business. As a result, inflation is the worst it’s been in decades, reducing wages, eroding savings, harming families, and squeezing senior citizens across the Lehigh Valley. In Congress, Kevin will work to reduce inflation by getting federal spending under control, removing employer mandates, and protecting small businesses. He opposes lawless executive orders that constantly change the rules and supports the full reopening of the American economy.



There’s an adage that says, if you raise taxes on something, you get less of it, and vice versa. That’s why the Democratic plan of raising taxes on employers is such a bad idea. It simply reduces the number of jobs. In Congress, Kevin will work to cut taxes on small businesses and private investments, and end the marriage penalty, which forces couples to pay more taxes when they get married. Cutting those taxes will create jobs, improve our infrastructure, and promote stronger families while boosting economic growth.


Small Business

Small businesses are under fire across America. Stifling mandates interfere with day-to-day operations. Ever-changing rules make planning difficult. And, if business owners do become successful despite all the obstacles, progressives demonize them and seek to confiscate their profits. In Congress, Kevin will work to defend small businesses against government overreach. He will oppose oppressive regulations, taxes, and mandates. And he will work for a level playing field with big corporations. Mostly, Kevin will act to ensure that every American who wants to start a business can take the risk and keep the rewards.



Like most people in the Lehigh Valley, Kevin is tired of American corporations sending American jobs overseas. Free trade is important to our economy, but unfair trade hurts local workers and destroys our communities. It also makes us dependent on other countries for critical products and jeopardizes our national security. In Congress, Kevin will work to create a more favorable tax structure for “Made in America” producers compared to companies that outsource jobs overseas. He supports penalties against countries with human rights abuses, unfair trade practices, poor environmental protections, and lax labor laws (i.e., China). And he wants tighter prohibitions against American companies and financial institutions that invest in our enemies.



Democrats in Washington have created a new term called “social infrastructure” to describe their new spending programs. But it’s really just another term for welfare. Such spending crowds-out necessary investments in real infrastructure, makes people dependent on the government, and adds trillions of dollars to the national debt. In Congress, Kevin will work to meet the Lehigh Valley’s real infrastructure needs, like fixing roads and bridges, improving our environmental treatment facilities, and removing hazardous materials from schools. But he will oppose federal spending on things that can be otherwise financed by private investment. And he won’t support new programs that create more government dependency among working men and women.


Energy and Transportation

After years of hard work, technical innovation, and private investment, our nation now produces enough domestic energy to power our thriving economy without reliance on foreign sources. But, Washington Democrats want to take our energy independence and shut it all down. Instead of letting Americans purchase clean fuels produced by American workers, their policies would force us to buy expensive and dirty energy materials produced mostly in China. In Congress, Kevin will work to ensure the transition to alternative sources of energy takes place when the people are ready, not by arbitrary government order. He will encourage domestic energy production and resist efforts to prematurely replace tried and true energy and transportation sources with unrealistic ideals. And he will oppose efforts by Washington to micromanage the nation’s energy and transportation infrastructure.

Kevin Dellicker

Safe Communities

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

There you have it. Three of the five main objectives of our federal government relate to law and order. The Democrats don’t prioritize any of them. Kevin will. Here is his plan for having a strong national defense and promoting safe communities when he gets to Congress: 


The United States needs a wake-up call on China. The Chinese Communist Party is not just another trading partner. It is a totalitarian regime that steals intellectual property, lies about Covid-19, uses slave labor, and commits genocide. The Chinese people deserve our respect, our support, our sympathy. But the Chinese Communist Party warrants our unified opposition. It is the most dangerous foreign threat to our nation, and it’s time we stop helping them grow stronger against us. In Congress, Kevin will be a leading voice against communism and the Chinese Communist Party. He will seek sanctions for human rights abuses, penalties for degrading the environment, punishment for repeated cyberattacks, and prohibitions against investments that finance the regime. Kevin will work to ensure a strong national defense that will deter any aggression and defeat any attacks against our interests.


Border Security

We have a crisis at the border that has spilled into the heartland of our nation. Drug cartels are trafficking humans and flooding our streets with narcotics. Illegal immigrants are sneaking across the border and disappearing into our towns and cities. This humanitarian crisis is entirely manufactured by the Democrats, who refuse to enforce existing laws or pass new measures to close the breach. Kevin understands that is the fundamental responsibility of every sovereign nation to determine who crosses its borders to work, live, learn, or visit. In Congress, Kevin will work to counter the drug cartels and make our border secure.


Election Integrity

The right to vote in free and fair elections is essential to our Republic, but many Americans have lost faith in the electoral process. We cannot long have a democracy if we cannot ensure election integrity. Kevin will work to restore the public trust through common-sense election reforms, such as requiring voter identification at the polling place and checking signatures on mail-in ballots. He wants to keep the federal government from interfering in local elections, but he also seeks to prohibit politicians, bureaucrats, and activist judges from changing the rules at the last minute. Finally, Kevin believes that we must investigate and prosecute any instance of voter fraud with zero tolerance for corrupt officials.


National Defense

The United States faces many challenges to our national security. Terrorist organizations continue to plot against us. Rogue states like Iran and North Korea have formidable military power. Russia regularly tests our resolve, and China is fast becoming a near-peer adversary. As a 28-year veteran of our armed forces, Kevin understands the importance of having a strong military to counter these threats. But he also knows that the military needs new strategies and tools to succeed. Kevin does not accept the status quo and will hold civilian and military leaders accountable for the decisions they make, like the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan. In Congress, Kevin will work to provide everything our troops need to win our nation’s wars. He will never vote to put Americans in harm’s way without a clear and achievable mission. And he will always fight to bring our troops home when the job is done.


Police/First Responders

Our police, firefighters, and EMS professionals have an extremely difficult job and put their lives at risk to maintain law and order every day. Defunding the police is a terrible idea that has no place in orderly society, and it’s no wonder why crime is on the rise in places where that idea gains traction. In the Lehigh Valley, far too many citizens do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods. This must change. Kevin support efforts to make sure our justice system is fair for all Americans, but he will not betray our first responders. In Congress, Kevin will work to provide more training to help first responders recognize and respond to mental health and substance abuse emergencies. He will seek to deliver more support to volunteer fire and EMS services across the Lehigh Valley. And he will strive to provide first responders the resources they need to protect and to serve.


National Guard 

Kevin has served 28 years in the National Guard as a part-time soldier and airman. He knows first-hand the honor of being a citizen soldier and the challenges associated with that lifestyle. Alternating between civilian life and military duty is something that only reservists can appreciate, and Kevin salutes those who serve our country in that manner. As a Congressman, Kevin will work to recognize the unique contributions of the reserve component and the special demands placed upon their families. He will educate people about the proper use of the National Guard and speak out to explain why part-time service is so important to our national defense.