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Good Jobs

Dellicker Releases “Good Jobs” Agenda

LANSFORD, PA – Kevin Dellicker, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in PA’s 7th Congressional District, released his agenda for creating “Good Jobs” at a press conference Monday.

“If people work hard, save money, and invest wisely, they can build good lives for themselves and their families in the greater Lehigh Valley. That’s the American Dream. But when the government discourages people from working, lets inflation steal their savings, and erodes their investments, working men and women can’t get ahead. That’s where we are today, and that’s what we need to fix,” Dellicker said.

Dellicker’s “Good Jobs” platform focuses on controlling inflation, empowering small businesses to thrive, and creating local jobs for local workers.

Taming Inflation
• Control federal spending.
• Pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
• End cash handouts and federal subsidies to wealthy individuals and special interests.
• Support a strong and stable dollar that remains the world’s currency.
• Set free the domestic energy industry to produce abundant, clean, and affordable oil and gas.

Cutting Red Tape
• Repeal oppressive federal mandates and burdensome government regulations.
• Simplify the tax code to reward productivity and reduce compliance costs.
• Support vocational education as equal with traditional education pathways.
• Ensure that all Americans who risk their own capital to start a business can keep the rewards.

Standing up to China
• Create a more favorable tax structure for “Made in America” producers compared to companies that outsource jobs overseas.
• Support free trade with free countries, but restrictions against those with unfair trade practices, human rights abuses, poor environmental protections, and lax labor laws.
• Tighten prohibitions against U.S. companies and financial institutions that invest in our enemies.
• Create a tax holiday for individuals and companies to divest their investments in China.

Dellicker characterized his two political opponents as on different sides of the same problem:

“Susan Wild thinks American workers can’t take care of themselves, so she passes new programs, new spending, and new controls to micromanage their lives,” said Dellicker. “The result is runaway inflation.”

“Lisa Scheller thinks American workers can’t compete with foreign workers, so she invests in China and outsources jobs overseas,” said Dellicker. “The result is closed American factories.”

“Neither Susan Wild nor Lisa Scheller trust American workers to do the right thing,” said Dellicker.

“I trust American workers and will level the playing field for American jobs, said Dellicker. That means taming inflation, cutting red-tape, and standing up to China. I want to Keep America Free.”

For additional information on each of these focal points or on Dellicker’s broader “Good Jobs” platform, visit www.DellickerForCongress.com/Issues/

This marked the second in a series of three press conferences Dellicker has planned to lay out his policy agenda in Congress. The first was on his Strong Families Platform and the third will be on his Safe Communities Platform.


Kevin Dellicker, from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, is a Republican running for United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 7th District. He owns a technology company and is a 26-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. To learn more about his campaign visit www.dellickerforcongress.com.  

Military information and photos of Kevin in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense, Air Force, Army, or National Guard.

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