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Beijing Olympics Should Remind Us That China Is Not A Normal Partner to the International Community

Today is the Opening Ceremony for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. As the world’s top athletes compete, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will use the Games to present China as a normal partner to the international community — a benevolent host, a peaceful neighbor, a trusted associate.

Don’t believe it. It’s all a facade.

Peel back the curtain and we see plainly how China is oppressing its people, threatening its neighbors, and stealing our technology. They continue to lie about the origins of COVID-19, send fentanyl across our borders, and launch cyberattacks against American institutions.

This is a threat to our nation and to our community. Ordinary Americans understand that. But many elitists in Washington and on Wall Street continue to look the other way. It’s time to hold the CCP and its unwitting enablers accountable.

Throughout the Games, I’m going to use the occasion of the Beijing Olympics to expose the top ten reasons why the CCP is anything but normal. For each reason, I’ll identify the issue, explain how it affects us here in the Lehigh Valley, and offer a pragmatic solution. After all, we can’t just talk about China, we must act.

So go ahead and cheer for Team USA and support local athletes — like Pat Nagle of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms — as they compete for the gold.

But amid all the pageantry and happy veneer, let’s not overlook the rot under the surface. The Communist Party of China is not our friend. We must act now to counter the threat before it’s too late.

Stay tuned.

China threat ‘more brazen,’ ‘more damaging than ever before,’ FBI director warns | Fox News


Kevin Dellicker, from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, is a Republican running for United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 7th District. He owns a technology company and is a 26-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. To learn more about his campaign visit www.dellickerforcongress.com.  

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