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Broadband Boondoggles

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Susan Wild is talking about broadband again. This week, she called for $7 billion in new broadband spending on top of the $65 billion that’s already been allocated. Wild said, “too many are left without high-speed Internet because they lack the infrastructure or are inhibited by high costs.”

Two years ago, President Joe Biden and Susan Wild passed their broadband infrastructure bill to address the very problems that Wild describes today. But after spending about $387 per local taxpayer, they still haven’t laid any fiber, built any towers, or deployed any infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

Susan Wild assures us that $1.16 billion is earmarked for statewide broadband projects. But that’s only about $177 per local taxpayer, almost $210 less than we’ve already paid. What happened to balance?

The federal government has created new state and local broadband bureaucracies. They’ve enriched engineering firms and economic development agencies across the country. And they’ve held lots and lots of public meetings. Meanwhile, we’re all still waiting around for better broadband.

This is the epitome of “Bidenomics.” Progressives borrow trillions of dollars for big-government programs. Then they hand out cash to special interests and constituent voters. Finally, they demand more money when it doesn’t work out. And it never does.

I’ve done more to improve broadband infrastructure as a private citizen than Susan Wild has done in all her time in Congress. Since 2005, my company oversaw almost $300 million in broadband infrastructure projects, driving affordable Internet access to the most remote parts of Pennsylvania. And we did it without any federal tax dollars.

In Congress, I’ll oppose wasteful spending that increases inflation and drives interest rates higher. And I’ll support development projects that use private investment instead of taxpayer money to build critical infrastructure. I’ve been doing that successfully for almost 20 years. It’s about time we send someone to Washington with that type of experience.

Keep America Free.

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Kevin Dellicker is a Republican from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, running for U.S. House of Representatives in Pa.’s 7th District. He is a 28-year military veteran, technology company owner, husband and father. He’s not a career politician. He’s a proven leader with the experience and courage to Keep America Free.

Neither military information nor photographs of Kevin in uniform imply endorsement of Kevin Dellicker for Congress by the Department of Defense or its particular military departments.

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