Kevin Dellicker for U.S. Congress

The Best Candidate to Win

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With one week to go until the Primary Election, the Dellicker team is energized and confident about our prospects. We’re leading in fundraising. We’re leading in endorsements. And we have the best volunteers in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to everyone who plays a role in this campaign. My wife Susan and I are truly grateful. You are helping to Keep America Free.

I’m running for Congress because we are losing our way of life to progressives and career politicians. And I love my country and community too much to let that happen.

Progressives weaken our military, open our borders, and demonize our police. They harm working families and senior citizens with high inflation and interest rates. And they damage our families by attacking our hometown values.

Career politicians get elected to office and never leave. They vote to stay in power and not to serve the people. And they lie and defame others to acquire power with no thought of the damage they inflict on our political process.

I’m a commonsense conservative, and I’m certainly no career politician. I’m a veteran, a business owner, and a family man. I’ll go to Washington, get the job done, and then come home, just like our Founders intended.

I’m the best candidate to defeat Susan Wild because I’m the only Republican with real-world experience in the most important issues affecting our nation. I know how to ensure safe communities, create good jobs, and raise strong families. And I have the track record to prove it.

Real-world experience doesn’t just matter to Republican voters. It matters to all voters. Nobody wants more career politicians telling them what to do.

If it’s God’s will, I’ll win this primary, defeat Susan Wild, and enact conservative policies that turn our country around.

Please make sure you vote by mail or in person this primary season. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Keep America Free.

Kevin Dellicker Signature


Kevin Dellicker is a Republican from Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, running for U.S. House of Representatives in Pa.’s 7th District. He is a 28-year military veteran, technology company owner, husband and father. He’s not a career politician. He’s a proven leader with the experience and courage to Keep America Free.

Neither military information nor photographs of Kevin in uniform imply endorsement of Kevin Dellicker for Congress by the Department of Defense or its particular military departments.

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